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Sean O’Malley Rookie Card & Autograph

If you think the Suga Show is going to the top, you might want to pick up some Sean O’Malley rookie cards. Even if he doesn’t become champ, Sean O’Malley is one of the more popular fighters, so it’s reasonable to think his cards will be in demand.

Sean O’Malley Rookie Cards

There are a few different cards that could be considered Sean O’Malley rookies.

Sean O’Malley 2018 Topps Chrome #84 Rookie Card

This is the first O’Malley card in a Topps set, which makes it the one many would consider his true rookie card. The image shows O’Malley throwing a right jab, and it has the “RC” (Rookie Card) notation in the bottom right corner. Amazon sometimes has these Sean O’Malley rookie cards too.

As always, there are many parallels available, from the basic refractor down to the 1/1 Superfractor. Your budget will determine how rare you can go.

If you want the ultimate Sean O’Malley rookie card, there’s an autographed version of this card as well.

Sean O’Malley 2018 Topps Museum #39 Rookie Card

This seems to be the second Sean O’Malley rookie card, and it also has the “RC” notation in the upper right corner. The image shows O’Malley standing by the octagon wall. There’s also an autographed version of this card.

This set also includes an O’Malley autograph variation card. The image, on the right side, shows O’Malley with his hands up and a larger autograph on the left side. This one also has the “RC” notation in the upper right corner.

There are a few other O’Malley cards from this 2018 Museum set that might also be considered rookies, but they don’t have the “RC” notation, so I would be cautious with those ones. Of course, these cards could also be valuable, even if they’re not considered rookies, but it’s good to be aware of the distinction.

Other Cool Sean O’Malley Cards

Sean O’Malley 2021 Panini Prizm #61

I really like the possible value appreciation on this one because it’s Suga’s first Prizm card. You can get the base card for a reasonable price, and there are increasingly rare parallels if you want to go higher.

I hope you found a great Sean O’Malley rookie card that fits your budget.

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