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Khabib Nurmagomedov Rookie Card & Conor McGregor Rookie Card + Islam Makhachev

Here are some great UFC rookie cards to consider adding to your collection. We love the rookies and autographs for value appreciation.

This page only acknowledges the Topps and Panini UFC cards, which are the ones most sought after by collectors.

We’ll start with the biggest one of all, for everyone who wants to be the double champ of UFC card collecting, run this whole thing, and do whatever they want!

Conor McGregor Rookie Card

The most notorious card of them all, the Conor McGregor rookie card is at the top of the list for many collectors. Even though I want one, I’ll do nothin’, cause the price puts it out of reach. It’s the 2013 Bloodlines card.

You know who the f**k this guy is, so I won’t tell you much. He’s the biggest star in the sport. Whether he wins or loses, we always want to see what he’ll do next. If you have one of these, you’ll have to apologize. . . to absolutely nobody!

I know you want one of these cards, because I predict these things. If you’re into card collecting, not to take part, but to take over, only a Connor McGregor rookie card will do it. 

If you’re buying Conor McGregor’s rookie card, make sure it’s the real one and not the insert card from the same set. The real one has a full picture on the front and has #139 on the back. The insert card has a small picture and lots of writing. This insert is also in demand, so it’s a great card too if the regular rookie is too expensive.

Other UFC Conor McGregor Trading Cards

I really like the Green refractors from various years. The color is perfect for the Irish connection.

Khabib Nurmagomedov Rookie Card

Not having a Khabib Nurmagomedov rookie card is #1 B*llsh*t. They’re better than tiramisu, and they’re from 2012.

Khabib went undefeated for six years in the UFC before getting a title shot and winning the belt. He then beat three of the top lightweights and retired. He’s definitely one of the all time greats.

If you want a card collection that’s undefeated, you need this one. Unless you’re a chicken. All that’s left to do is send you location: Khabib Nurmagomedov rookie card.

Islam Makhachev Rookie Card

A teammate of Khabib Nurmagomedov, Islam Makhachev has been highly touted for years. He’s unbeaten since 2016, but we haven’t seen him against top competition yet. That should change soon, as he’s been bumped up the lightweight rankings.

If he lives up to the hype, we’ll all be wishing we had picked up some  Islam Makhachev rookie cards sooner. If you believe Makhachev is going to the top, this could be a good time to get them.

Dustin Poirier Rookie Card

Dustin’s rookies are from 2011. Poirier has been a top performer for years. He became the Interim Lightweight Champion and got a lightweight title shot in 2019. He broke out bigger in 2021 with back-to-back wins over Conor McGregor.

Many view Poirier as the uncrowned king of the lightweight division. This could be a great time to get his rookie card.

You don’t have to earn this card in blood, but you do have to pay in full: Dustin rookies.

Michael Chandler Rookie Card

Chandler had an exciting UFC debut, knocking out Dan Hooker in the first round. This earned him a title shot against Charles Oliveira. Fans can’t wait to see Chandler’s next fight. His power and wrestling pedigree make him a tough matchup for anyone.

And now, the greatest moment in my professional life, here are the Michael Chandler rookies.

Justin Gaethje Rookie Card

Justin loves to fight, and fans love him for it. He takes, and gives, a tremendous amount of punishment. His rookie card is from 2018.

Get your card collection onto the highlight reel with a Gaethje rookie.

Charles Oliveira Rookie Card

Oliveira’s rookie card is from 2010. He took an eight fight win streak into his title shot, and won the UFC Lightweight Championship in 2021.

Will you get the Khabib Nurmagomedov rookie card, the Conor McGregor rookie card, the Islam Makhachev rookie card or someone else?

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