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What Happens When You Run Out of Cards in Go Fish? Rules FAQ

Go Fish rules What Happens When You Run Out of Cards
Go Fish Rules: What Happens When You Run Out of Cards?

In Go Fish, players try to collect 4 of a kind, which is called a book. When they have all 4 of a particular rank (for example, the 2 of ♠, , ♣ & ) they show the cards to the others, stack them, and place them face-down next to them.

Here are some questions that might arise around gameplay and rules, including what happens when you run out of cards in Go Fish. These answers are for the regular version of the game. You can play a variation that has different rules if you want. Just make sure everyone knows the rules before you start.

What Happens When You Run Out of Cards in Go Fish?

When a player runs out of cards in Go Fish, they draw new cards from the pile (from the top of the deck or from the spread out cards). They take the same number that were dealt when the game started (7 or 5). If there are fewer than that many cards left, they just take the rest. This player’s turn continues as usual with them asking someone for a card.

If there aren’t any cards left to draw from the stock, the player who ran out is out of the game. Whatever amount of points they have is all they can get.

How Many Card Do You Get in Go Fish? How Many Are Dealt?

For games of 2 or 3 players, each player is dealt 7 cards. For games of 4 or more players, each player is dealt 5 cards.

To pick the dealer, everyone draws a card from the deck. Whoever has the lowest card deals.

How Do You Win Go Fish?

When everyone is out of cards, the player with the most books—four of a kind—wins the game.

What is a Book in Go Fish?

A book is a set of 4 cards that are all the same rank. For example, if you hold the 10 of ♠, , ♣ & ♦, that is a book and you place them on the table.

What Does Making a Catch Mean?

Making a catch means you pick the card you just asked for from the pile. You get to keep going by asking someone for another card.

Do You Discard in Go Fish?

That depends what you mean by discard. When you have 4 of a kind they are removed from your hand, so these are being discarded in a sense. Each book of 4 is worth a point.

No other cards are thrown out of play or thrown back into the pile, so there’s no discarding in those senses.

Can You Ask For a Card You Don’t Have? Can You Bluff?

No. This is cheating. You can only ask for a card that you’re holding.

Can You Add to Other Players’ Cards in Go Fish?

No. You can’t make someone pick up any extra cards. If you’re playing a variation where you put down pairs instead of 4s, you can’t add your pair to theirs and take them all.

How Many Suits Are Used?

All the cards in the deck are used which means all 4 suits are used.

How to Keep Score

Each book, set of 4, is worth 1 point, so you can track of the score during the game by seeing how many books each player has. The game isn’t scored, though, until the end when everyone is out of cards. Whoever has the most books wins.

Can You Steal Someone’s Doubles?

Yes. If you ask for a card and the person has 2 or 3 of them, they have to give you all of them.

If you’re playing a variation where you put down doubles instead of sets of 4, then no, you can’t take someone’s double after they’ve put it down.

I hope this answered your question on what happens when you run out of cards in Go Fish. Enjoy playing!

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