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Khamzat Chimaev Rookie Card: Nate Diaz & More

Let’s look at one of the most valuable cards for a few fighters: the rookie card. For the collector, it’s all about the rookies.

Sure, there are lots of other great cards of each fighter, and we want some of those, too. But for value appreciation, rookie cards are at the top of the list, along with autographs.

We’ll start with one of the most in demand new rookie cards, the Khamzat Chimaev.

Khamzat Chimaev Rookie Card

Brother, the Khamzat Chimaev rookie card is going to smash everybody in 2021 and beyond. It’s in the 2021 Panini Prizm set, probably the most anticipated debut card in years. As a bonus, the image on the card is great, capturing the intensity we’ve come to love from Khamzat.

Chimaev burst onto the scene with two wins in 10 days, and three wins in 66 days, making him one of the most hyped fighters in a long time. Fans can’t wait to see how far he’ll go.

Your UFC card collection won’t be complete without the one to smash them all.

Nate Diaz Rookie Card

If your friends have a Nate rookie and you don’t, they’re taking everything you worked for! You’ve got to go back to the original 2009 Topps Round 1 set to get the Nate’s Diaz rookie card. There are other Nate cards from 2009 that are also prized, but that is the first one.

Even though Nate has never won the title, he’s one of the most popular UFC fighters ever. His promo after the Michael Johnson fight could be the best one of all time. Fans love his non-stop fighting style and taunts.

This is the real money card. If you’ve got to have it, I’m not surprised, m0therf****r.

Kamaru Usman Rookie Card

If you want to put some respect on Usman’s name, you need his rookie card. Only Usman’s 2018 Topps Museum card has the RC notation. He wasn’t in the Chrome or Knockout set that year, and none of his 2019 cards have the RC notation.

Usman became welterweight champion in 2019. Although he has struggled to connect with fans, his knockouts over Covington, Burns, and Masvidal have gone a long way toward turning that tide.

Kamaru might be a problem, but getting his rookie card doesn’t have to be. Your collection will only be 30% without it.

Nick Diaz Rookie Card

You don’t need a Nick Diaz Army of cards, you just need the rookie. Nick’s first Topps card seems to be the 2012.

Like Nate, Nick is one of the most popular UFC fighters ever. His five year absence is one of the sport’s great loses.

Don’t be scared, homie. Get this card.

Colby Covington Rookie Card

Get a step ahead of all the nerds and virgins out there with this card. Covington’s cards from 2018 don’t have the RC notation, but they’re the first ones.

Covington’s persona has polarized fans, but one thing is certain: he gets our interest. His title fight against Kamaru Usman was one of the greats.

Get Covington’s rookie, and make card collecting great again.

Geoff Neal Rookie Card

Neal’s rookie cards are from 2020, with a few different cards having the RC notation. I really like the image on the Knockout card.

After an impressive start in the UFC, Neal has hit a rough patch with back-to-back losses. It seems that some health problems have played a part in this. If you believe in Neal’s potential, this is a good time to pick up his cards.

Ben Askren Rookie Card

Askren’s rookie cards are from 2019. There are a few different versions.

Askren quickly became one of the most interesting fighters in the UFC after his arrival in 2019. Although his run was short-lived and, ultimately, disappointing, I’ll always appreciate the excitement he brought. If everyone in the UFC was as entertaining as Ben Askren, they’d be the biggest organization in the world.

If you want the funkiest card collection, you need Askren, otherwise consider yourself boom-roasted.

Jorge Masvidal Rookie Card

Masvidal’s first card in a UFC set is from 2014. This is another one without the RC notation.

Although Masvidal’s been around a long time and had a loyal fan base, he rocketed to stardom in 2019 when he started baptizing everyone.

If you want to be the BMF of collector’s, you need this one.

I’m interested in all the UFC rookie cards on this page, but the Khamzat Chimaev rookie card and the Nate Diaz rookie card are my top two picks.

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