Can You Triple Jump in Checkers?

Yes. Triple jumps are a part of checkers rules. Pulling off a triple jump against your opponent feels great, and will often win you the game. Let’s look at a few examples of triples.

Can You Triple Jump with a Regular Piece in Checkers?

Yes. Normal pieces can triple jump, but they can only do it if all the jumps are going forward. In the following picture, the two red pieces can triple jump the green pieces by following the arrows. Notice that every jump is going forward. Of course, you couldn’t do both of these multiple jumps in a single turn. This is just to show two different positions that would allow a triple jump.

Can You Triple Jump Backwards in Checkers? With a King?

Yes. Kings can triple jump forward and backward, or a mixture of the two. In the following picture, both red kings can perform a triple capture by following the arrows. Notice that some of the jumps are forward and some are backward. Also notice that all enemy pieces can be jumped as part of a triple, normal pieces and kings.

Triple Jump Rules

Here’s a quick summary of the rules around triple jumping:

  • Regular pieces can only triple jump going forward.
  • Kings can triple jump forward, backward or a combination of the two.
  • You can’t jump any of your own pieces during a triple jump or any type of jump.
  • If a regular piece jumps into the opponent’s back row and becomes a king, that ends the turn. You can’t continue jumping other pieces even if they’re in position.