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Can You Go, Jump or Move Backwards in Checkers?

Can You Go Jump Eat or Move Backwards in Checkers
Can You Go, Jump, Eat or Move Backwards in Checkers?

Can you move backwards in checkers? It depends. Sometimes you can go backwards in checkers and sometimes you can’t. Let’s look at some commonly asked questions around this part of the rules.

Can You Go Backwards with a Normal Piece? Without a King?

No. You can’t move or jump backwards in checkers with a regular piece. They can only move and jump diagonally forward. In the following picture, red is moving up the board and green is moving down. If it’s red’s move, red must jump the green piece going forward, following the arrow. If it’s green’s turn, green can move any of its 3 pieces one square forward, following the arrows. A normal piece can never move or jump backwards.

Can You Go Backwards in Checkers

Can You Go Backwards with a King?

Yes. Kings can move and jump diagonally backward (and forward, of course). In the picture below, the red king on top can jump backwards over 2 greens. The red king on the bottom can first jump forward, then jump backwards for a double capture.

If it’s green’s turn, they can move to any of the squares indicated by the arrows, forward or backward. Notice that the kings can go backwards but the regular green piece can only go forward.

Can You Move Backwards in Checkers

Can You Double Jump Backwards in Checkers?

If you have a king you can. Kings can jump diagonally forward or backward, including double jumps. In the picture above, the red king on the top right can double jump backwards.

Checkers Rules for Jumping or Moving Backwards

The rules for jumping and moving backwards in checkers are fairly simple:

  • Normal pieces can’t jump or move backwards.
  • Kings can jump and move backwards.
  • Capturing is mandatory, so if a king is in position to jump (forward or backward) it has to do it, including multiple jumps.
  • You can’t jump over your own pieces, forward or backward.

I hope this has answered your question about going, jumping or moving backwards in checkers.

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