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Checkers Set Up: How to Set Up a Checkerboard

Good news if you can’t wait to start playing checkers. The checkers set up is quick and easy, certainly simpler than setting up a chess board.

Checkers Set Up

To set up a checkerboard, on the side of the board near you, fill up the first 3 rows of dark squares with your 12 checkers, and your opponent does the same on the other side. Here’s what the starting position looks like:

Checkers Set UpHow to Set Up a Checkerboard
Checkers Set Up: How to Set Up a Checkerboard

Checkerboard Set Up

Here are a few things to notice about a set up checkerboard. Remembering these things will ensure you always set the checkerboard up correctly:

  • When the board is facing you, there should be a light square in the near right corner. (light on right)
  • The single corner (the corner with a checker exactly in the corner) is on the left; the double corner (the corner with 2 checkers next to the corner) is on the right.
  • Each side starts with 12 pieces placed on the dark squares.

Here’s a visual of the corner stuff:

  • The blue arrows show the “light on the right” square that each player will see on their own right sides of the board.
  • The purple arrows show the single corner, which is on each player’s left.
  • The orange arrows show the double corner, which is on each player’s right.
Checkers Set Up
Checkers Set Up: How to Set Up a Checkerboard

Once your checker board is set up, it’s time to play! Here are the basics so you can get started.

Quick Checkers Rules

  • Black moves first. If your pieces aren’t black and white, the dark pieces move first.
  • Regular pieces only move and jump forward.
  • Jumping is mandatory. If it’s your turn and you can jump your opponent’s piece, you must do it.
  • Multiple jumps are allowed and also mandatory.
  • You can’t jump your own pieces.
  • A piece that reaches the opponent’s back row becomes a king.
  • Kings can move and jump forward and backward.
  • You win by jumping all your opponent’s pieces or by making your opponent unable to move. (Last move wins)

For a more detailed look at what you can and can’t do, see Checkers Rules.

Although checkers is a simple game to learn and play, it’s not simplistic. Now that you know the checkers set up you can start playing, or take a look at the strategy and tactics that will help you win more. I hope you have fun playing and learning about this great game!

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