Can You Double Jump in Checkers? Double Jump Rules: Multiple Jumps

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Yes. Double jumping is a part of checkers rules. Along with an effective opening, getting familiar with setting up double jumps (checkers strategy & tactics) is one of the best ways to improve your game.

Let’s look at some commonly asked questions about double jumping. There’s a summary of the double jump rules at the end.

What is a Double Jump?

This is when a player jumps two consecutive times on one turn. It’s a back-to-back jump that only counts as one move.

Can You Double Jump Without a King? (Single Checker)

Yes. The most basic form of double jump is done with a regular piece. These pieces can only move diagonally forward, so the double jump must be going in that direction as well. In the following picture, you can see an example of this, as well as a double jump that isn’t allowed. (Going up the board is forward)

The red checker can double jump the two green ones on the left by following the arrows. Both of these jumps are going forward. It can’t jump the first green checker on the left and then follow the line, jumping the other green checker on the right and land on the X. The second jump is going backward, which a regular piece can’t do.

Can You Double Jump Backwards in Checkers?

Not with a normal piece, as the above example shows. You can double jump backwards with a king. (see next question)

Can a King Double Jump in Checkers?

Yes. Just like a regular piece, a king can double jump. They can do this forward, backward or with one of each direction. The following picture shows an example of each of these.

The red king on the lower left can double jump the two green pieces on the left, just like the normal piece did in the first picture. Both of these jumps are forward. It can also double jump by taking the first green piece on the left (going forward), then jumping the other green piece to the right (going backward).

The red king on the upper right of the board can double jump the two green pieces by following the arrows. Both of these jumps are backwards.

Can You Double Jump Kings & Regular Pieces?

Yes. Both types of pieces—regular and kings—can be double jumped. Both jumped men can be the same or there can be one of each. The following picture has some examples.

The red king on the bottom right can double jump two regular pieces, or one regular piece and one king. The red king on the top right can double jump two kings.

Do You Have to Double Jump in Checkers?

Yes. If a double jump is available you can’t stop after the first. Jumping is mandatory in checkers, including doubles. In the above picture, the red kings can’t stop after the first jump because another jump is possible, so the second one has to be made as well.

An exception is when you have the option of jumping different directions. If one way is a single jump and the other way is a double, you don’t have to take the double. Making a jump is mandatory, but you obviously can’t go two directions at once. In this case, you can choose which way to go. Here’s an example:

In the above picture, if it’s red’s turn to move, red can make the double jump on the left or the single jump on the right. Notice that both of these options are jumping forward, so if the red kings were normal pieces instead, you could make the same jumps with them.

Can You Jump and King a Piece, then Jump Again on the Way Out In One Turn?

No. If you jump into your opponent’s king row and king your piece, your turn ends there. If there’s another piece your king could jump, you have to wait until your next turn. In the picture below, the red piece can jump into green’s back row to become a king. Changing into a king ends a turn, so it has to stop there, and now its green’s move. The new red king can’t continue its turn by jumping out of the back row over the other green piece.

Can a Double Jump Include One of Your Own Pieces?

No. Jumping your own pieces isn’t allowed under any circumstances.

Can You Jump Multiple Pieces in Checkers?

Yes. You can make multiple jumps in checkers—2, 3, 4 or as many jumps as you have available.

Checkers Double Jumping Rules

Here’s a summary of the double jumping rules:

  • Double jumps are allowed.
  • If a second jump is available it must be taken. (Jumping is mandatory)
  • Normal pieces can only double jump forward.
  • Kings can double jump forward or backward.
  • Both normal pieces and kings can be captured in a double jump.
  • A regular piece that jumps and becomes a king can’t continue with another jump on that turn.
  • Jumping your own pieces isn’t allowed.