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Easy Card Games: For Money and Fun

Need some easy, simple card games to occupy the kids or yourself? You’re sure to find something fun here for all ages.

Easy Card Games to Play for 2, 3, 4 or More

Here are some simple card games to check out. They’re divided into sections for:

  • Kids
  • Adults
  • Solitaire for Adults
  • For money

Of course, these are general categories and both kids and adults could enjoy games from either section. The money games could also be played for points instead.

Easy Card Games for Kids

Go Fish

Go Fish is very simple. Players try to collect as many sets of four of a kind as they can by asking other players for cards. Whoever has the most sets when the cards run out wins. (2-10 players)


War is also about as basic as it gets. The deck is divided among the players and each turns over their top card with the highest cards winning all the played cards. A tie is broken by laying two more cards and the winner takes them all. When one player gets the whole deck, they win. (2 or more players)


This children’s game is similar to War and is pure chance. The deck is divided in half and each player takes turns playing their top card into the center, with the A, K, Q & J being penalty cards. A player wins when they capture the whole deck. (2 or more players)

Old Maid

In Old Maid, players discard their pairs. The loser is the player who gets stuck holding the one unmatchable card in the deck. This one is even simpler than Go Fish because you don’t have to remember much. (2 or more players)


Kids will love the action in this game. Players take turns laying their cards into the center. When a jack is played, they say “Slapjack!” and try to cover the pile with their hand, with the winner taking the whole pile. Play continues until one player has collected the whole deck. (2 or more players)


This is possibly the simplest form of Solitaire and a great way to introduce young kids to the fun of cards. Cards are dealt out in piles forming a clock pattern and all you have to do is follow the procedure. There’s nothing to think about and no strategic decisions to make that will affect the play. (1 player)

Crazy Eights

In Crazy 8s, players try to be the first to get rid of all their cards by matching the rank or suit of the previous card played. 8s can be played any time and change the suit, and other cards can be given special abilities as well. (2 or more players)

My Ship Sails

This is a discarding and collecting game where players try to acquire seven cards of a single suit. (4 players)


Another game with action, Spoons involves forming four of a kind and then saying “Spoons”. Players try to grab one of the spoons in the center (there’s always one less than the number of players). Whoever doesn’t get one is penalized with a letter in the word “spoons”, and whoever spells the word first loses the game. (4-7 players)


Players alternate turning over cards. When the upturned cards match, the first to say “snap” wins both piles. Accumulating the whole deck wins the game. (2-8 players)

Memory (Concentration)

Cards are spread out face down and players try to turn up matching cards. Great for kids or adults. (2+ players)


This is a high speed game with both players going at the same time. Whoever runs out of cards first wins. Enjoyable for kids and adults. (2 players)

James Bond

This is a simple matching game where players try to make four-of-a-kind in all their stacks before their opponent. (2-4 players)

Easy Card Games for Adults

Oh Hell

This is a simple trick-taking game where everyone tries to take exactly as many tricks as they bid. Easy to learn and play but also allows for strategy. This one gets my pick as easiest but fun game to play. (3-7 players)


This is another simple trick-taking game where the trump suit is determined by the first card laid. (2 or more players)


Also popularly known as Bulls!*t, in Cheat, players lay down cards face down in sequence from Ace on up. Lying about the cards you’re discarding is allowed, hence the name, and players call out “Cheat!” if they think someone is bluffing. (2-10 players)


Rummy has many variations, but players score by forming three and four of a kind or sequences in the same suit. (2-5 players)

Kings in the Corner

This game, also called King’s Corners, is a solitaire-like game for 2-5 players with players discarding onto piles in descending order and opposite colors.


In this fast-paced game, players try to discard all their cards by laying cards in sequence (up or down) on the center stacks. It’s simple but there’s room for some strategy and gamesmanship. (2 or more players)

Easy Solitaire Card Games for Adults


Also called Canfield, this is the most popular form of Solitaire. Cards are stacked in piles and foundations with the goal of arranging every card in the deck in order by suit. (1 player)


Another popular form of Solitaire, Pyramid involves moving the dealt out cards (shaped like a pyramid) into the foundation. (1 player)


Another simple Solitaire game, Tri-Peaks involves moving the dealt out cards (shaped like three peaks) off and completely clearing the layout. (1 player)


This is a Solitaire game of total chance where cards that add up to 11 and combinations of J, Q & K are turned face down, with the goal of turning down all the cards. (1 player)

Easy Card Games for Money


This is a popular gambling game where players compete with the dealer’s hand to get to 21 or as close as possible without going over.


In this game, also called Red Dog, two cards are dealt and players bet on whether the third card will fall between the values of the other two.

Texas hold’em

In this popular form of Poker, players combine their two hidden card with five common cards to form the best hand, with betting at various stages. (2 or more players)

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